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What is "Tiyö"?

The word 'tüyo' is a Turkish word which refers to a tip or suggestion given from someone who has learned from experience, to someone just beginning.

The word is written as "tüyo" but usually pronounced as "tiyö".

As an ode to things not being in life as they are in the books, we use "tiyö".

Tiyö is something deeper than a simple tip.

It is a fact - an idea that when applied, is sure to lead you to success. Because the giver of a tiyö has been through the same thing you are going through. 
It is an exchange of experience, a lesson being passed on, which is exactly what we hope to do for you, with every design, every blog post, and every sale.



Unity in fashion

Tiyö believes in universal love, and sharing it.

Tiyö knows that us women shop with our emotions, and hopes to support that tendency.

Each piece designed represents a fact of life, or a human emotion.

Pieces are part of a bigger whole, which is a collection.
Collections present a wider look at these emotions.
Collections are mini stories within themselves.



Our goal is to make all areas of our boutique as gentle as possible.

We wish for our business to give back and benefit a wide range of people.

This is why we are committed to working with individual artisans in Turkey in order to bring our designs to life, and support the craftsmanship that is garment-making. 

Artisans are always treated fairly and payed generously.


10% of profits will go to charity. Follow the blog for proof of donations posted regularly with stories of where/how the donations were made. 


ethical values




We are committed to a sustainable method of production and furthering the cause of sustainability.

Currently, within our first capsule release, we feature both pieces made from sustainable and non-sustainable fabric.

With your purchase you have the option of choosing between neoprene and sustainable lyocell. 

We will always specify the nature of our materials.

In the near future, we have upcoming luxe pieces made from recycled and repurposed material, as well as organically grown cotton. Do sign up to the newsletter to not miss these releases.

If you have any further questions about our fabrics or practices, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are dedicated to the eco-friendly journey, and hope to continue evolving.


We do not follow the traditional business model of a fashion house.

Here is our system, simplified.


3 Collections.

3 different stories.


Season-less, quality clothing designs.

Each with it's own emotion attached.


Released into each collection at random.

Continuing the story..


To get a better feel for the story of each collection,
check out the collection pages.





"Being ethical and sustainable is a journey, not a destination." 

Tiyö aims to be as gentle as possible in it's practices.

We are constantly learning, evolving, changing, and becoming more aware by the day.

We appreciate your support on this journey, and hope to bring you only the best in design, in quality, and in values.

Currently, not every piece is displayed in sustainable fabric, but all is ethical.
You can be sure that every purchase you make will be of great value to the artisans who make them, the designer-with-a-dream behind them, the fabric sellers, and the charities to which a portion of profits go.

If you really like a design that is shown in non-sustainable fabric, email us or write your preferences in the box for comments while ordering, and we will make the design in a sustainable fabric for you.

Contact us at if you have any questions/suggestions for us, or want to chat about our ethical practices.