About Tiyö and who we are

I write poems and am a songwriter. I guess I always look for more from life.

I initially designed these clothes to wear myself. Thus each piece is inspired by something I observed, went through, or songs/poems I wrote.

My story is embedded in these pieces. They are very near and dear to my heart. And I hope they will be for you too.
I believe in celebrating life - and so each piece is a celebration of a different fact of life.


I set out to create not just a brand, but more so a community.

Where stylish women can go for well-made, tasteful clothes, and find themselves embraced, rather than exploited.
Where ethical fashion enthusiasts can trust wholeheartedly.

And where those who need some inspiration & love can come to find it.

I work only with tasteful people who take pride in delivering quality work, and put their passion into each stitch, while keeping ethics at the forefront of each business interaction.

Not only is each piece designed and made with quality in mind, but each piece is meant to provide a physical piece of inspiration to carry with you.
Because I realized that I found strength in dressing well, and buying from brands that inspired me, and I wanted to create this for others. I wanted to be the inspiration that I was so lucky to have.

How can I shop clothing from Tiyö? 

Tiyö operates a little differently than most online fashion boutiques. We are a minimalist brand. We believe less is more, in everything.

--> On surprise dates, Tiyö will open up for sales.
--> Meaning, you will have a chance to order from a limited amount of each piece released up to that point.
--> Once you order, your items will be handmade from the best fabric around, by our talented, local seamstresses.
--> You will receive your wonderful new clothing in the mail (with free shipping anywhere in the world) along with the poem your item is attached to.
--> Then, hopefully, you will use each piece time and time again, in love & light, and leave us your wonderful feedback!

We offer a range of items. Some pieces will be made from sustainable fabrics, some won't be.

But if not sustainable, items will still be ethical. They will always be made by struggling artisans, fabric sourced from local fabric shops, and/or the profits from them will be donated to charity (a different one each time).

We will always do our best to benefit as many people as possible with the work we do.

We are always looking for and finding new ways to give back.


We will always specify whether a garment is sustainable.


If there is something you'd like to know more about concerning our garments or practices, contact us and we will be happy to inform you.


If you really love a design that uses unsustainable fabric, but follow strict guidelines on wearing only sustainable, please contact us, and we can talk about making a design in a custom fabric for you to accommodate your needs.


Why do you operate like this?

Each item is handmade one by one, and sewn upon your measurements. Thus, it will take 2-3 weeks for each order to arrive.

However, we know how it feels to buy and treasure something you've wanted for a long time, rather than to see, like, buy immediately, wear, throw. 

We hope to provide you with treasured items.

tiyö designs 

Tiyö collections will grow simultaneously with each other . We will be releasing new pieces into each collection independently of each other - and as the stories of the collections grow.

Our designs are more than just handmade, quality luxury clothing.

Each piece is attached to it's own poem, and represents our experiences in life.

The clothing is to provide strength in unity, by being a physical piece of inspiration to carry with you.

To remind you we all feel the same things, and you're never alone.